Beth Ezekiel Synagogue Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

Elie: To Life

L’Chaim (to life)

Jeff Elie, Stella and Aaron

A celebration of Family, this window focuses on the living and on lives lived. Jeff’s late father David is represented by the Star of David, a symbol of his commitment to Jewish life and traditions. The large rose is for Jeff’s mother Rose who continues to provide inspiration and a source of strength that has carried the family through triumphs, as well as challenges. The three butterflies represent Jeff and his sister Shelley in the centre panel, and his late brotherJack at the top, separated from the others and very sadly missed. The two smaller roses are for Jeff’s wife Stella, and his sister-in-law Marilyn. Above all are six jewels, one for each of the children of the next generation: Aaron, Danielle, Jessica, Daryl, Lauren, and David.

Inscribed in the border is l’chaim,  To Life , a phrase that sums up the intent of the window, which succeeds because of the meaning behind the design, and also because of the vibrant garden scene with the rose vine and butterflies.

Live well, laugh often, love dearly.

Dedicated to the Elie family